Coroner Demands Safety and Slams ANDRA on Junior Dragsters Death at Perth Motorplex

The coronial inquest into the death of an eight-year-old junior drag racer who suffered “catastrophic” and “irrecoverable” head injuries in a tragic crash has stopped short of calling for the minimum age for the sport to be raised.

Anita Board crashed on November 11, 2017 after reaching a top speed of 85.7km/h while attempting to gain her junior drag racing licence two days after her eighth birthday.

She lost control of her vehicle and slammed into a concrete barrier near an exit gate at the Motorplex. She died in hospital the next day.

The tragedy prompted the McGowan Government to impose a temporary ban on all junior competition drag racing in the State pending a full coronial investigation.

Recently, Coroner Sarah Linton released the findings of an inquest into Anita’s death, recommending the minimum age for drag racing remain at eight years old.

“I did consider recommending an older age for children to commence the programme than eight years of age, particularly given the evidence... about the ability of a child under 10 years of age to assess risk,” she said.

“However, I note the disadvantage this would place children in this State in competition against children in other States and internationally.”

Recommendations also included requirements that all junior drag racing participants come to a complete stop before beginning to move towards an exit gate, and more visible finish markers.

A ban on junior drag racing in Western Australia, imposed shortly after the accident, remains in place until the recommendations are implemented.


Coroner’s recommendations

Recommendation 1: 
I recommend that ANDRA give consideration to requiring all junior drag racing participants to continue all the way down the track, rather than through the exit gate. In the alternative, if junior drag racers are required to exit through a side gate, then all junior drag racing participants should be required to come to a complete stop before beginning to execute the turn and the Motorplex should give consideration to installing some form of barrier to the corners of the exit gates, in a similar fashion to what is currently in use at the Sydney Dragway.

Recommendation 2: 
I recommend that the Motorplex give consideration to replacing the previously used white flags at the Motorplex with some form of fixed and highly visible finish markers that can be swung into position on the safety barrier wall to mark the end of the junior track.

Recommendation 3
: I recommend that the Motorplex and ANDRA work together, and in consultation with the Junior Drag Racing Association in WA, to create and implement a training programme for new junior drag racers, similar to the current training programme in place at Sydney Dragway. In my opinion, the children should not be able to commence the training programme until they are at least eight years old. It should involve the child going through a number of theoretical and practical tests that the child must pass in stages, assessed by a person other than their parent or guardian, before they are able to drive down the track in a dragster at anything more than idling speed. The speed should then gradually be increased. The training should also involve ‘on the track’ orientation at the Motorplex, so that the child will be familiar with the landmarks before they attempt their first licence pass.

Recommendation 4: 
I recommend that ANDRA introduce a mandatory requirement that all junior racers must include in their personal safety gear a frontal head restraint device as described and demonstrated at the inquest.

Recommendation 5
: I recommend that the Motorplex, in conjunction with ANDRA, make it a requirement at all junior drag racing events at the Motorplex that officials must conduct scrutineering of 25% of the vehicles participating in the junior dragster bracket and complete a full scrutineering of all vehicles once every two years, including driver safety equipment.

Recommendation 6
: I recommend that the Motorplex, in conjunction with ANDRA, explore the feasibility of requiring a remote cut-off device to be installed on all junior dragsters.

Recommendation 7: 
I recommend that, if the junior racers are to continue to exit the track through the side exit gate, then a CCTV camera(s) should be installed at the Motorplex to capture junior dragsters leaving the gate.

When one has a dream

Carey McMahon is one who doesn’t do things by halves.  He purchased the 1992 Bathurst winning Nissan GTR and commissioned a full rebuild to get it pristine again and raced it, plus he’s recently built a giant killing De Tommaso Pantera for Group S competition.  Those are just two of his vast array of motor vehicles he’s had over the years.

But this project is going to blow your mind.

He had a dream of taking one of his Group A cars to Europe.  Not to do static displays and “tell” people how good the car was but actually race it at some of the world’s biggest Heritage Group A events at the best circuits like Silverstone, Olton Park and Brands Hatch!

The last time an Aussie took an Australian example of a group A sierra to the UK is was Dick Johnson and John Bowe in 1988.  We all know how that panned out as the thing was a rocket.

McMahon has shipped his original 1992 Ex Tony Longhurst Benson & Hedges Ford Sierra to the UK.  This is the same car that in the hands of hotshoe Jimmy Vernon broke the long-standing Group A lap recorded twice at Phillip Island earlier this year.

In a recent interview with The Motorsport Channel, McMahon explained that the car is totally original and has only had the front bar repainted.  Yes, the paint and stickers are original as it rolled off the 1992 season in the hands of Longhurst.

Sierra expert Paul Linfoot has been commissioned to look after the car whilst it’s in the UK.

Last weekend McMahon’s sojourn commenced with the first event at Brands Hatch. 

McMahan will also ship the car to Belgium to contest the Group A Event at the historic Spa circuit in September.

Read more about Carey and some of the more recent cars at

Qually results:

“I had an off early in the session.  Got back to the pit and the team gave me the all clear to continue.  I finished 3rd fastest” “All that time on the simulator has paid off he also went on to say” state McMahon.

Race One:

Running in second place on lap two when the water pump fan belt dislodged.  This resulted in a DNF.

Race Two:

Sunday's Race 2 presented a much better result. "Although I had to start at the back due the to the water pump belt failure in race 1, I marched myself forward to position 2 in the end". "This was a boyhood dream of mine to race at this place. Bucket list tick" stated a jubilant McMahon.  I was also rewarded with Hard Charger for passing all but one car in the final race. state McMahon.


Andy Ticehurst Media

Jimmy Vernon - TCR Saturday Wrap

Under challenging conditions Jimmy Vernon in his Alfa finished the qualification session in position 11 with a 2.08.884.

“We changed the car from yesterday which reaped us some rewards.” Stated Vernon.

As you could imagine with a drying line in parts of the track and in others quite wet it didn’t take much to make the grass.

Uniquely this series allows for a mixture of tyre’s under the appropriate conditions.  Most started on wets front and rear but with minutes to go some elected to run sticks on the front to get better traction. Vernon elected for a full slick tyre run, but ultimately it was too wet on the circuit to improve.

Yesterday’s extensively damaged car of James Moffat grabbed pole after the GRM team pulled an all nighter.



With light rain dusting half of the track on the warm up lap it was going to make for a very interesting couple of opening laps.

For Vernon it was like combat. “We were racing hard and making positions” he stated

“The car came on and tyre life was very good which helped me make spots throughout the race. I was catching the group in 6th and 7th and to be honest I just pushed a little too hard. I ran wide in the complex and lost a spot. Then, a few corners later I was pushed off the track and ultimately finished in 14th. We were way better than what today's results show… Bring on the double race schedule tomorrow!” he said.


Race two and three will be broadcast live on SBS, whilst also featuring on the Shannon's Nationals Livestream.

DPO / Rondo Racing - Round 2 TCR, Race 2 & 3

After yesterday’s issues, Nathan Morcom was forced to start race two from the back with Jimmy Vernon.

With plenty of action ahead and cars running off track & colliding, Morcom went in “Shake N Bake” mode and carved his way through the field. With car speed and a fantastic setup, he won the battle with Pither & Rullo towards the end of the race finishing a fine 4th.

Will Brown started from position 2 and ended in P2. He tried feverishly to bridge the gap to race winner Dylan O’Keeffe but had to settle for second.

Will Brown P2
Nathan Morcom P4 from Second last on the grid

Race 3:

The fall of the green flag was nothing different to the previous race with lots of positions swapping heading into turn one. A massive pile up after pole sitter Dylan O’Keeffe got turned around entering turn one which sent the field scattering. The race went less than a lap before the cautions were called with wounded cars trying to get back to the pits.

When racing resumed Brown and Morcom simply drove away from the field in the DPO / Rondo Hyundai i30’s

Will Brown: Race Winner Fastest lap 1.37.343
Nathan Morcom: P2

DPO / Rondo Racing Saturday Wrap

DPO / Rondo Racing has qualified 6 and 16 on the grid for this afternoon’s first race in TCR.

Nathan Morcom was the fastest of the team mates with a 2.08.268 and Will Brown posting a 2.09.742 in position 16.

“I’ve got some work to do in race one“ stated Brown.

“To be on the right tyre at the right time was the key to posting a good time and we missed it” Morcom went onto say. 

“We put Nathan out on wets for the whole session but Will put slicks on towards the end.   That wasn’t the best call” stated Team Manager Scott Fulcher.

Race One commences at 12.45 with coverage on The Nationals website or live free to air TV on SBS.  Check your local guides.


Race 1

Will Brown may not have won but he certainly “turned it on” in race one.

Starting from 16thafter a poor qualifying result Brown was in the zone on the grid and confidant of a good result.

“Our i30’s are fast as we’ve shown at Phillip Island” he said

He carved his way through the field to ultimately finish 2ndbut it looked a little sketchy on the warm up lap as it started to rain again and the field was on slicks.

Nathan Morcom had an eventful race holding station in 5that the chequer.

“That was wild stated Morcom.  The first couple of laps were very interesting to say the least.” He went on to say.

“I had something for the two ahead of me right at the end but once I caught them the additional heat reduced my braking capacity. We’ll be right for tomorrow’s races” he stated.

The rain held off to the last lap and a lite sprinkling made it again interesting to say the least.

Race 2 & 3 are on tomorrow from 12.45


DPO / Rondo Racing - Round 2 TCR, Race 1

Race One of the weekend for the TCR Series got off to a great start for DPO / Rondo i30’s.

Off the front row, Will Brown battled hard entering turn one resulting on him running wide in turn 2. An off track excursion via the gravel trap put the pace setting Hyundai towards the back of the pack.

Nathan Morcom came together with a spinning John Martin in the Honda also on the opening lap. He made it back to the pits only for the team to declare the damage too great to continue.

“I was past the spinning car only for it to gyrate into the side of my i30” Stated a depressed Morcom.

Morcom will start tomorrows race 2 from the back.

Brown made some cracking moves to march his way back through the pack and swapped position with James Moffat numerous times to eventually finishing in second position.

“Mad I ran off on the first lap but rewarding to finish second. These i30’s are fast” beamed Brown.

Will Brown P2 Fastest lap 1.37.08
Nathan Morcom DNF