Government Regulator Give Karting NSW Thumbs Up

The NSW Government, and more specifically the Department of the Office of Sport, independently surveyed the ‘Organisational Health’ of all Sporting Organisations within the State of NSW recently.

For this review, State Sporting Organisations (SSO) were ranked in ‘Tiers’ according to the amount of funding received from the NSW Office of Sport, with Tier 1 on lowest funding to Tier 3 on the highest funding. Karting NSW was in Tier 3 along with 37 other SSOs including organisations such as the NSW AFL and NSW Rugby League.

The results of that review were outstanding for the sport of karting:

  • • 95 x State Sporting Organisations (SSOs) took part in the survey – and Karting NSW was ranked 11th overall.
  • • Karting NSW ranked 9th in Tier 3.
  • • Karting NSW achieved an aggregate score of 90% - exceeding the Tier 3 average of 81%
  • • Karting NSW was ranked #1 in Tier 3 for (a) Strategy and Planning and (b) Risk Management and Accountability.

The survey indicated that the primary area that Karting NSW should be focusing on to further improve its operations as a sporting organisation, is how it delivers its services.

The Department also offered input into other opportunities to move Karting NSW towards best practice. These included that Karting NSW should consider:

  • • increasing female representation on the Karting NSW Board of Directors (although they have one, more would be advisable);
  • • upgrading the IT platforms or services used by the organisation to a platform or service that is adequately effective, modern and operative;
  • • provide programs and training to staff to boost inclusion of people with a disability.

The Department in summary categorised Karting NSW as having outstanding organisational health.

The Department Representative went on to give this feedback - "for such a small organisation, Karting NSW deserves to give itself a huge pat on the back".

“The Board of Karting NSW is pleased with this independent feedback provided by our Government regulator,” stated Chairperson Dave Filipetto. “We would like to acknowledge the hard work and effort of our Administration Staff and General Manager who keep the front of office functions running superbly. We also acknowledge that this result was not just achieved in the recent past. The current Board has looked to build upon the foundations laid by those who have gone before us and who have helped forge the rich history and reputation Karting NSW enjoys within the sporting world. We acknowledge our volunteers and officials who are also part of the fabric of Karting NSW.”

“However, there is always room to improve. The current skills based Board has focussed on improving organisational governance, both internally and externally, as well as critically looking at our finances and risk profiles. We have opened up two-way communication by giving our Members a real voice and collaborating on how we work together to take ourselves forward. At our SKC meetings, the Board has shared with you and sought feedback on our desired corporate values, the strategies needed to reinvigorate the Sport of Karting and more recently, our tactical priorities in regards Officials, Training, State Competition calendars and increasing Member participation.” Filipetto stated.

The Board will also look to work on the areas of improvement identified by the Department, He also stated.

The next big event on the calendar is this weekend 14th -15th July at Dubbo Kart Track where they will be hosting Round two of the NSW State Championships with 170 competitors in attendance.


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SWI Racing are pleased to confirm that Jamie will be solely dedicated to the V35 for the 2018/19 racing season.

It has been mutually agreed that Jamie and Krikke MotorSport will now focus on their individual racing programs moving forward.

In the months ahead a full schedule of races for the V35 will be announced.

Sprint Car star Jason Johnson dies from injuries sustained at Beaver Dam Raceway

World of Outlaws star Jason Johnson died recently from injuries sustained in a crash at Beaver Dam Speedway in Wisconsin on the weekend.

Johnson was racing for the lead on the 18th lap of a 40-lap main event with Daryn Pittman. The two made contact, sending Johnson flipping into the outside retaining wall and through the billboards outside of the racetrack.

A lengthy extrication period followed before he was airlifted to Aurora Summit Hospital in Summit, Wisconsin.

Johnson is the second driver in four years to die from injuries suffered in a sprint car crash at the third-mile clay facility.

Scott Semmelmann, 47, was killed in an accident in practice at an Interstate Racing Association event in September 2014.

Johnson was a five-time Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series champion and was one of the most popular winners of the prestigious Knoxville Nationals.  He also competed in Australia for many years.

He made his Outlaws debut in 1998, winning his first race at Texas Motor Speedway in 2003, but didn’t run full time until 2015. He won 12 times in the series and twice this season.

Johnson would have celebrated his 42nd birthday on July 7. He is survived by wife Bobbi and son Jaxx.

Grand season for worlds’ oldest Speedcar/Midget club.

The Victorian Speedcar Drivers Association (VSDA) is the worlds’ oldest Speedcar (midget) racing club and the 2017/2018 season was another highly successful season for the octagonerian organisation.

Members of the storied club had highly successful seasons and the club can rightly lay claim to its members winning many of the country’s biggest titles.

Second generation racer Travis “Squizzy” Mills despite cutting back on his racing in recent seasons, brought home the bacon by winning the keenly contested Diamond Air Speedcar Super Series contested across numerous states.

“Obviously it feels really good to achieve what we set out to do – and that was to win the series. We were happy we had a consistent run all the way through,” Travis explained.

Mills added his name alongside 5 time series champion Victorian Mark Brown amongst others.

Speaking of the Brown family, Marks’ 17 year old son Kaidon pulled off a stunning result becoming the youngest ever winner of the Australian Speedcar Championship and finally securing the crown for a family that goes four generations deep in Speedcar and Speedway racing. Brown (above right) was driving the V97 machine fettled by his Grandfather, Victorian Ace from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s, Rob Brown.

Another 2nd generation Victorian racer in Joe Lostitch  won his second consecutive 6 Crown Series after traversing this large brown continent successfully.

The 73rd Victorian Speedcar Championship, which dates back to the 1934/35 season at Melbourne’s Olympic Park was taken out for the 2nd time by Travis Mills. Mills’ win placed him as a two time winner alongside his legendary father John.

Another of the Nation’s premier Speedcar events is the Beasley memorial and this years’ event fell to Dayne Kingshott in the V21.

Locally the club continued to grow and shine with a swathe of multigenerational racers making their speedcar debuts with some awesome results.

Dillon Ghent headed the list of impressive newcomers by winning the 2nd annual Skips race and also the club’s driver’s championship. Never before in the long history of the club has a rookie racer achieved this feat. Ghent also nearly snagged the Avalon track Championship and would have on the final night except for an engine that would intermittently decide not to run cleanly.

Chris Nankiville and Toby “Sparkles” Smith, both 3rd generation racers, had solid rookie seasons with top 5 results.

Locally, it was a very even season with Ash Booker (above left), Justin McMinn, Nick Parker and multi-generational racers in Andy Pearce and Harley Bishop also scoring wins.

Additional highlights included McMinn (below left) winning the Avalon track championship as well as qualifying into the Sydney City 50 lapper A-Main at Valvoline Raceway with young Brown and Mills. What is impressive about this is that there were over 60 drivers contesting the event including 2 top rated Americans and a dozen hot Kiwi’s and out of the Victorian trio McMinn had absolutely no previous experience at the Sydney track – a track that massively favours local knowledge and experience.

And finally 2 Victorian cars, the V97 of Kaidon Brown and the V21 of Dayne Kingshott were both invited over to the land of the long white cloud and super competitive Speedcars to be part of the annual Tri-Nations series – New Zealand’s biggest speedway series of the year.

“This season has been brilliant in the quality of our drivers, teams and events and also the depth and promise shown by the new drivers and the trio of 2nd or 3rd generation drivers that joined us as standout rookies,” stated hard working club president Tim Fisher.

“So many of our racers had a shot at making victory lane, some did, some didn’t, but it was all great racing and it all looks really promising for the future,” Fisher continued enthusiastically and proudly.

The VSDA also wish to sincerely thank all of its sponsors, teams, supporters and fans for another great season with the worlds’ oldest speedcar club.

Dobson Taking Season Off

After many years of speedway racing, Shaun Dobson has announced that he is taking a break away from the sport.

Disney’s season sign-off.

Nathan Disney and the Disney Motorsport team signed off their season last Saturday (28th April) at Valvoline Raceway with a final hit out for the now retired ‘old faithful’ Rocket Chassis.

The top ten finish was not quite how the Newcastle Nightmare wanted to finish his season but he was buoyed by the fact that the car which won was anew XR1 rocket – the same chassis that Nathan will soon debut, and a chassis that Nathan can clearly see has advantages.

“Those XR1 Rockets are so much better than our old car (updated 2007 Rocket)”, stated Nathan. “They drive through and off the corner so much better, but having said that our old car is still pretty good for its age.”

A promising final night for the old girl was on the cards when Nathan pushed the Adamstown Car Doctors/Tuff Lift Hoists/Lake Macquarie Sheet Metal/Safe N Sound Self Storage/Bob Jane T-Marts Kotara/TD Graphics #11 to 4th fastest time during unrepresentative hot laps.

Even more exciting was his opening heat when he led the first 8 laps and had a great side by side multi lap battle with Daryl Grimson before finishing a close 2nd. Nathan made a great start from pole and had a slender gap until an untimely caution for Barry Kelleher who’d blown up his engine. On the restart Grimson took full advantage of the two wide restart and a superior line into turn 1 to grab the lead. Nathan fought back – hard – and the pair ran side by side trading the lead until lap 9 when Grimson secured the lead and the win.

The second heat was a much harder affair after starting mid pack on the inside and then working up to 4th place only to be passed again by that man Grimson with 2 to go.

“We tightened the car up too much for the second heat,” explained Nathan, “and it was just a battle the whole way.”

The 30 lap final was another fight after starting from position 7 and being boxed in on the first lap and dropping a position. Never one to give up Nathan continued to graft hard and worked forward to 7th by lap 7 on a track that favoured a free handling car that could run the top or the bottom.

After a stoppage Nathan dropped another spot. “Mooney (Daniel Moon) passed me under yellow I reckon but it really didn’t matter that much.” laughed Nathan who was resigned to having to grind out the feature in a car that wasn’t set-up as well for the track conditions as it could have been.

Nathan then got the elbows up and put in a couple of laps on the highline to see if the car would work any better up there, but then returned to the bottom to complete the race in an eventual 9th place. “Yeah, I did a couple of laps up the top where I drove like an idiot.” was his comical post-race assessment.

“Congratulations to (winner) Ryan (Fenech), he drove well and deserved the win,” said Nathan sincerely as he thought with a smile about getting into his new chassis that is the same as the one driven by the race winner.

Overall, it wasn’t the finish or the season that the young veteran really desired, but on balance it was a solid season given the age of his equipment which was probably made to look better than it was through only his driving tenacity and experience.

“I really can’t wait to get into the new car and have a big crack on a more even footing next season.” Enthused Nathan only minutes after concluding the current race year.

“Dad (Des) and I have had a great season and a lot of fun thanks to the brilliant support of our crew and our fantastic sponsors and we really can’t wait to get the new car out there and blast it around.” concluded Nathan.

Nathans current car is now for sale as a roller or complete and would make a great car for an aspiring late model racer or novice.

Disney Motorsport and Nathan personally would also like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank crew members Des Disney – the heart and soul of the team, Gary and Nathan Chipchase and Sim Borsche (get well soon Sim) and sponsors Adamstown Car Doctors, Tuff Lift Hoists, Lake Macquarie Sheet Metal, Safe N Sound self-storage, Bob Jane T-Marts – Kotara and TD Graphics for all their invaluable support and assistance throughout the season.

For some awesome in car footage check out the motorsport channel at or Disney Motorpsorts on Facebook.

Keep up to date with Nathan and the Disney Motorsport team on Facebook at Disney Motorsports.

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