Vernon’s Start Line Horror

For those that have ever competed, one of the worse feelings is when your car is stranded on the startline.

Pulling up to the start line for race three Jimmy was confidant of a good result. The team had tuned the Alfa up after his “giant killing” race 2 finishing in the top 10 after a backrow starting position.

“I simply followed the startline procedure as in the previous two races. I let the launch control button go and the thing just stopped” quipped Vernon. “I immediately looked in the mirror and braced as half the field was behind me. The only one to make contact was the Audi of Rik Breukers which punched the right rear wheel into the arch” stated Vernon.

“Next thing I see is the sump of the Audi pass my driver’s window as it was on two wheels and nearly rolling over” he also went on to say.

He got the thing refired and limped to turn one where he stopped completely with damage.

A disappointed Vernon said “We’ll have a look to see if something’s gone wrong with the launch control as it worked faultlessly in the other two races”.

“For the first event in these cars im super impressed and understand why there so popular around the world. Great to drive and the brakes are amazing” he went on to say.

Jimmy would like to thank those that have been following his progress on social media and via is website.

Jimmy and the team will be back in action at Round 2 at Philip Island from the 6th to 9th June.