New South Wales Kart Championship

There is a certain anticipation in the air and karters are a little more excited about the last New South Wales Kart Championship under Karting Australia’s regime scheduled to be held in Lithgow this weekend.

Spirits have not been dampened by KA’s apparent inability to supply its usual sets of prize tyres to the State Championship podium winners. Instead - there’s a new kinda buzz around town!

Karters in NSW are coming out of the woodwork to contribute their expertise, their weekends and their license fees towards rebuilding the sport they almost lost. Some members have even been checking out clubs to move their membership away from those clubs that voted to stay with KA. They may not have had their voice heard - but their wallets can walk!

Some have even been encouraging their fellow states to come and join the fun.... because that is what Karting should be! FUN!

As we all know, the voice of the karter is strong and will no longer be silenced, penalised or priced out of the sport that has been in families for generations.

We look forward to this weekends racing and moreover look forward to bringing the fun back to racing.