The Board of Karting NSW is pleased to announce that Andy Ticehurst has been successful in securing the Casual Vacancy of Director of Promotions, Marketing & Media for Karting NSW. 

Andy has been involved in providing public relations and marketing solutions to the motorsport industry for over 23 years, including live broadcasting (audio and vision streaming), motorsport industry content creation for television and social media platforms. Andy has also consulted to Supercar, World Rally, A1GP, Speedway, Caltex, Bridgestone, Lotus Car Company, Aston Martin in relation to various promotional appointments. 

Prior to his time in media relations, Andy had a distinguished military career as a member of the Australian Army and the Department of Defence.

The Board has taken some time in filling this Casual Vacancy to ensure that it continues to enhance an independent, skills-based focus of the current Board. “It was important to ensure we obtained the right professional skills coupled with seasoned motorsport media and promotions experience to this fundamental appointment” said Dave Filipetto, Chairman of KNSW. 

The Interim Role of Director of Promotions, Marketing and Media is up for election as a permanent appointment at the Annual General Meeting on 01 September 2018. 

Please join the Board in congratulating Andy on his appointment


David Filipetto

Chairman – Karting (NSW) Inc