Victoria’s Newest Speedway

News has just broken about a new speedway facility that’s being constructed close to Melbourne’s epicenter.

Rumors are always rife regarding new tracks but this one is a little different.  This venue is already that far down the track in construction, Sprintcars have already cut some test laps.  With lap speeds in excess of 158kmph its going to be a cracker once finished and open to the public.

Everyone at The Motorsport Channel wish Extreme Speedway team all the best.

Below is an extract from information posted by its creator  Dale Mathews .

I’m happy to share with you that as we speak the new speedway is currently under construction and has been for some time, and its whereabouts for now will remain hush hush but I can tell you its much closer to Melbourne than you could imagine.

I can also share with you there is not one large screen, not even two large screens but three and a fourth on the way giving the spectators unparalleled coverage of the racing including live timing and live in car footage from the race track. Under cover viewing facilities which can be retracted or extended depending on weather conditions are also a feature of the Extreme Speedway.

A number of world firsts are incorporated into this state of the art package including a dust free racing surface….yes you read it correctly, under no circumstances will the track surface emit dust ( and no it is not a pavement or bitumen track )the surface is a technical ménage of all sorts of clever things that for obvious reasons I will not divulge.

Both of the Extreme cars have already been on the track…..and the scale of the speed? well with yours truly driving the average lap speed was 158.4 kph and I’m sure that will increase as we only did a half day test session. No top speed was recorded as we never had the chance to arrange a radar for the session.

I’m also sure that there are lots of other questions, but for now this is the only information forthcoming at this time, apart from that, you will get to see the Extreme Speedway at our first public viewing day in October 2016.