Speedway Australia Misleads Competitors?

We received a press release from Ray Solomon regarding some major issues that have been reported to appropriate authorities regarding the conduct and administration of Speedways self-appointed body.

Below is the release in full and YES it is explosive and clearly shows some very poor form from NASR/ Speedway Australia.

I also urge anyone wanting more information to contact Ray direct via the email address and the end of his release.

NASR - where did all the money go?

So where did all the money go? Speedway Participant’s who collectively paid millions and millions of dollars to NASR for Licence/memberships, may well ask.

NASR regularly claims in excess of 10,000 members. Based on current price of licences, NASR would receive up to $3,000,000 each year. This amount would be even higher when you include income from One Day Licences/memberships sold at the pit gate.

NASR constantly makes reference to membership of NASR Inc in media releases, comments from Annual General Meetings, annual licence application forms, and one day pit memberships (remember these).

There are many written examples of this misinformation including;

1) The General Manager of NASR, stating that you become a NASR member when you purchase a NASR Licence.

2) The General Manager of Premier Speedway (NASR Shareholder) stating that “I have become a one day member of NASR Inc when I purchased a One Day Pit Membership/Licence”.

NASR management has also made the following statement to ACCC (reported in the ACCC minutes); "there have been many misinterpretations surrounding the licence and membership of NASR. Mr McAvaney confirmed that a driver becomes a member of NASR once they obtain a NASR Licence"

The NASR Inc Rules of Association is very specific about how a person can become a member of NASR Inc.

Sadly, people who purchased a NASR Licence, (annual or one day) have never been individual members of NASR Inc.

Speedway participants should now consider whether all these statements have been a deliberate misrepresentation to enable NASR to secure your hard earned dollars to the benefit of the NASR organisation and not the sport.

Since inception 17 years ago, speedway participants have paid many millions of dollars to the NASR organisation. The income generated over the years has never been reported and no accounts been issued to NASR Licence holders.

This whole matter needs to be exposed for what it is!

A “Brief of Evidence” has been provided to; The Australian Taxation Office, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), South Australian Deputy Premier and Attorney General and other Federal Government Departments. The “Brief of Evidence” focused on;

1.False and misleading statements/documentation,

2.Inherent conflicts with organizational structures involving Pty Ltd Companies and Inc Associations,

3.Responsibilities of a Company Director,

4.Compliance with the Rules of Association and the requirements of the South Australian Office of Consumer & Business Affairs,

5.Multiple issuing of Tax Invoices by different organisations for the same transaction,

6.Possible breaches of accounting practices, loans and GST issues.

Your personal information Of further concern is that your private and confidential medical history may have been provided to a private company, based on a falsehood, i.e. membership to NASR Inc.

If the NASR Board of Management wishes to clarify these matters, now is the time to do it!

We call upon NASR to immediately;

Make a public statement clarifying if anyone who purchased a NASR licence (Drivers, Crew, Annual and One Day licence holders) has ever been an individual members of NASR Inc. Failure to do so will demonstrate that NASR are simply still trying to cover this matter up!

Provide a statement on how they are going to financially compensate those licence holders (Annual and One day Licence holders) who paid money in the belief they were becoming members of NASR Inc.

Advise all Speedway Licence holders how they are going to resolve the issue that personal information obtained and held by NASR, may have been obtained on a false premise (their individual membership to NASR Inc).

The “Brief of Evidence” gives rise to the following matters;

Possible basis for a class action against NASR.

Do NASR licence/member holders have a Constructive Trust over the assets of NASR (Property and Intellectual Property).

If any person or persons are found to have acted illegally, they should be dealt with under the full force of the law.

There is only one way to fix all this and that is for all competitor groups to develop and implement their own National Organisation.

To avoid the problems of the past, any new organisation should be; Honorary, Elected, Accountable,

Representative and Transparent (H.E.A.R.T.). The organization should be at the HEART of our sport.

Given the potential demise of the NASR Inc, if another National Speedway Associations suddenly appears in the market that does not meet the above criteria, competitors/competitor groups should be very wary.

Before giving any money to any other Australian Speedway Association, you are encouraged is to find out if they meet the above criteria, remembering that;

True membership to any future organisation is vitally important so members can elect their preferred representatives, have a direct say about the organisations direction and future and most importantly, control how the organisation’s finances will be managed.

In the past, licences and insurance were the main income streams. These should be directly controlled by the organisation for the benefit of the members!

The licencing of competitors could and should be undertaken within the individual club or speedway class structures and the revenues remain within these organisations.

Briefings by the Investigation Team are available upon request. To arrange a briefing, contact the author of this media release. The Information provided at these briefings will be based on the evidence (NASR’s own documents) that has been referred to the above Government Agencies.

Enquires to

Ray Solomon.

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