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  • The DON Smallgoods Australian FIM Speedway Grand Prix returns to Australia this Saturday after an absence of 13 years. The Australian SGP will feature the world’s best speedway riders who over the course of a season compete in a series of stand-alone SGP events, which determines the FIM Speedway World Champion.

    The Motorsport Channels Own Brett Swanson

    As the Australian event is the last leg of the series, the 2015 World Champion will be crowned at the conclusion of Saturday night’s event. On race night each of the 15 riders and 1 wildcard will race against each other once, during a program of 23 heats. The top eight scorers then advance to a semi-final after heat 20 and from each semi-final, 1st and 2nd placed riders will advance to the SGP final.

    It’s the first occasion Etihad Stadium has hosted a motor sport event. More than 5000 tonnes of dirt have been sourced to build the track. Planning and negotiations in order to bring the Grand Prix to Melbourne commenced almost three years ago. While preparations for the build of the track started over a year ago, the construction has taken place quickly, commencing last Sunday at 7am.

    The Motorsport Channelwill have regular updates all weekend of this event.

    Image: Inaction Photography,  The Motorsport Channels Brett Swanson interviewing Jason Crump for Channel 7.


  • The honour of turning the first laps on the virgin track at Etihad Stadium for the 2015 Don Smallgoods Australian FIM Speedway Grand Prix fell to our own triple world champion and Australian Speedway GP ambassador Jason Crump today.

    With track time for competing riders strictly controlled, ‘Crumpy’ was given the privilege this morning (Thursday) for two sessions of 4 laps each. He then gave the big thumbs up to the venue which at 346 metres is longer than the standard 270 – 275 metre tracks the riders are used to competing on. The track is also wider than most which Crump reckons will allow for some really great racing on Saturday night.

    Earlier on, the first official media conference was held with current World Champion Greg Hancock, and former World Champions Nikki Pedersen and Aussie Chris Holder, along with Aussie GP riders Jason Doyle and Troy Batchelor and local wild card Sam Masters.

    Having yet to ride on the track which won’t occur until Friday afternoon all riders stated that the venue and track looked impressive and were looking forward to racing on it.

    Hancock also expressed the view as the last winner of the Australian FIM SGP round held in Sydney in 2002, that he lived in hope of getting the chance to ride in a SGP event before a home crowd (USA) but doesn’t expect that will happen in his racing lifetime and for that reason is jealous of the quartet of Aussies who will now get that opportunity.

    Later when young Masters was explaining that he and his girlfriend didn’t bring any clothes with them on the international flight so that Sam could bring a spare engine, Hancock quipped “Talk about jealousy. How many young Aussie riders are jealous of this guy (Masters) right now (for getting the wild card entry)?”

    Etihad stadium CEO Paul Sargent confirmed ticket sales are above expectation but there are still plenty more available and that they are reasonably priced at just $24.50 for kids and $49 for adults.

    While Australian tutored and trained Tai Woffinden has sealed this years’ world championship there is still a lot to ride for as arch rivals Hancock and Pedersen battle it out for the Silver Medal and Holder fights for the coveted 8th place championship result that would secure him an automatic place in next years’ championship field.

    The buzz around this event is really starting to build and come Saturday night they may have to open the stadium roof to save it being blown off by the crowd.

    Image: Inaction Photography,  The Motorsport Channels Brett Swanson interviewing Jason Crump for Channel 7 News

  • Aussie racer Troy Batchelor is confident he will take his place in the LOTTO Warsaw SGP on April 18, as he recovers from his horror spill at Swindon on Monday.

    The Robins skipper was briefly knocked out and sustained rib and shoulder injuries in a collision with SGP rival Maciej Janowski in heat three of his side’s meeting with Poole.

    Batchelor was discharged from hospital fairly quickly, but is set to seek further medical advice as he continues to suffer dizzy spells and breathing difficulties.

    He is due to sit out Swindon’s home and away matches with Lakeside on Thursday and Friday, but is determined to get himself ready for the opening SGP showdown of 2015 in the Polish capital.

    He told Total Swindon Sport: “I’m feeling pretty second hand and still a bit out of it after being knocked out, so it’s going to be a good couple of days off the bike if not a little bit longer.

    “I can’t really see any problem with Warsaw, although you never know with head injuries and things like that, so we’ll keep an eye on things for a little while. I feel dizzy at times. I’ve had ice packs on all day and I’m doing everything I can.

    “I’m hoping to get in and see the specialist at Ipswich today and go from there, but I’ve got physio to have as well. You need to keep your muscles moving and working because it’s when you stop you end up in trouble. We’ll have to wait and see but I’m confident I won’t be out for too long.”

  • Aussie Solo Rider Darcy Ward has gone under the knife in Poland after suffering a suspected spinal injury.

    The 23-year-old Aussie, widely viewed as one of world speedway’s brightest talents, crashed on his fifth ride during Zielona Gora's home clash with Grudziadz.

    Riding for his team "Pirates" the team statement said that Ward had "no lower body feeling at this time".

    Team boss Neil Middleditch, who Ward lodges with during the season, is due to fly to Poland early tomorrow.

    Poole number one Chris Holder altered his travel plans to be with Ward.

    Pirates promoter Matt Ford told the Daily Echo: “We know it to be a very severe accident.

    “He’s our son and we all feel that, especially people like Neil and myself who have worked with him and been great friends and admirers of him.

    “Everyone in the club is praying for better news than the news we are currently receiving.”

    Swindon loanee Ward had been due to feature against his parent club in an Elite League clash at Wimborne Road tomorrow.

    From all at The Motorsport Channel we wish him a speedy recovery.

  • Triple world champions Greg Hancock and Nicki Pedersen have been involved in a sensational on-track melee in Motala at a Swedish Elitserien match this evening.

    Pedersen took the American’s front wheel away as they charged into the back straight in heat 15 of Piraterna’s 50-40 triumph at home to Dackarna.

    Hancock crashed hard down the back straight, but immediately leapt to his feet and sprinted nearly the length of the straight to confront his rival, taking him clean off his bike with a flying shoulder tackle.

    The world champion's Piraterna team mate Chris Holder pulled Pedersen back, before fellow riders and mechanics stepped in to separate the riders, with Holder leading a furious Hancock back to the pits.

    Pedersen was excluded for causing the unsavoury crash, with Hancock third in the re-run behind Holder and Dackarna’s Michael Jepsen Jensen.

    The affable Hancock’s extremely out-of-character reaction to Pedersen’s challenge has set social media alight across the globe with videos of the incident going viral on Twitter and Facebook.

    With the pair set to lock horns in the pressure-cooker atmosphere of Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium at the Adrian Flux British FIM Speedway Grand Prix on July 4, all eyes will be on the SGP series’ two most decorated stars to see if there are more fireworks on American Independence Day.

    Hancock ended his night with 10 paid 12 points for the Swedish Pirates, with Holder top-scoring on 11 paid 12. FIM Speedway Under-21 world champ Piotr Pawlicki tallied 10.

    Polish international Krzysztof Buczkowski led the Dackarna scorechart on 12 paid 14 points, with Pedersen accruing eight. SGP star Michael Jepsen Jensen scored seven paid eight while Aussie champ Jason Doyle notched three.

    Elsewhere, World Championship leader Tai Woffinden powered to a 14 paid 15-point maximum for Vetlanda as they laid out Lejonen 57-33.

    SGP racer Tomas H Jonasson notched nine paid 11 on his return from a knee injury, while Russian racer Emil Sayfutdinov added nine paid 10 and Polish international Bartosz Zmarzlik and Swedish racer Peter Ljung scored a straight nine points apiece.

    SGP stand-in Peter Kildemand, who replaces Jaroslaw Hampel in the Adrian Flux British SGP, scored nine for the Lions.

    In the day’s other meeting, Polish star Piotr Protasiewicz stormed to 14 paid 16 points as Indianerna defeated Rospiggarna 50-40 in Kumla.

    He was well supported by Artem Laguta on 12 paid 13, while Monster Energy SWC winner Antonio Lindback notched nine and his gold medal-winning team mate Freddie Lindgren added eight paid 11. Danish racer Niels-Kristian Iversen managed just three.

    Slovak star Martin Vaculik bagged 13 for the visitors, while Swedish skipper Andreas Jonsson notched nine paid 10.


    Watch the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHtw9xwENlw

  • American veteran, Greg Hancock has taken out a stunning Melbourne Speedway Grand Prix at Etihad Stadium in dramatic circumstances.

    The double World Champion – who annexed another podium finish in the World Championship – was undefeated – thus ensuring there has only been one winner in Grand Prix Speedway in Australia.

    He beat home Niels-Kristian Iversen – who survived a nasty crash midway in the meeting when his machine packed up on the startline, depositing him on his tailbone, and the spectacular Maciej Janowski.

    The final got underway in messy circumstances when three of the four riders went down – the worst off being Newcastle-raised Australian, Jason Doyle – who was knocked out in the horrible incident. He was transported to Royal Melbourne Hospital where he is awake and breathing unaided.

    The race got restarted and Hancock was able to assert his dominance on the Etihad surface to win and claim second in the world championship behind Perth-raised Brit, Tai Woffinden. Woffinden was handed his second World Championship despite a big crash in his semi-final.

    The Aussies were involved in further dramatic circumstances when wildcard, Sam Masters clashed with regular Speedway Grand Prix marked man, Nicki Pedersen early in the event. Following an altercation on track between the two, Masters remonstrated with Pedersen’s crew, knocking one flat before a pitside melee ensued.

    Despite the ugly incident, Masters was impressive on his Speedway Grand Prix debut, scoring five points.

    The 2012 World Champion, Chris Holder failed to fire throughout the Grand Prix, unable to get away from the startline throughout his five rides, collecting just two points. Similar fate befell Queenslander Troy Batchelor, who also took just a duo of points.

    Holder was able to retain his place in Speedway Grand Prix in 2016 despite a nervous moment. Peter Kildemand was four points behind Holder heading into the Semi-Finals. He had a runaway lead before a red light stoppage and then couldn’t fire on the re-run, finishing third, thus granting Holder his eighth place in the World Championship. Doyle also directly qualified, ending his first Grand Prix season a brilliant fifth.

    Standouts include Andreas Jonsson who staged a stunning switchback cutting through the middle of three of his fellow contenders to take the lead and carry on for a win.

    Overall, attracting 27,000 spectators, the return of Grand Prix Speedway to Australia could be considered a great start to the five year contract that Etihad holds. The surface was one of the best temporary surfaces ever constructed in Speedway Grand Prix competition and the Speedway fans who turned out enjoyed a magnificent event.

    DON SMALLGOODS AUSTRALIAN SGP SCORES: 1 Greg Hancock 21, 2 Niels-Kristian Iversen 15, 3 Maciej Janowski 11, 4 Jason Doyle 11, 5 Peter Kildemand 13, 6 Tai Woffinden 12, 7 Andreas Jonsson 12, 8 Krzysztof Kasprzak 9, 9 Matej Zagar 7, 10 Michael Jepsen Jensen 7, 11 Nicki Pedersen 7, 12 Sam Masters 5, 13 Tomas H Jonasson 4, 14 Troy Batchelor 2, 15 Chris Holder 2, 16 Chris Harris 0, 17 Justin Sedgmen DNR, 18 Max Fricke DNR.

    FINAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP STANDINGS: 1 Tai Woffinden 163, 2 Greg Hancock 147, 3 Nicki Pedersen 131, 4 Niels-Kristian Iversen 120, 5 Jason Doyle 114, 6 Matej Zagar 107, 7 Maciej Janowski 106, 8 Chris Holder 95, 9 Peter Kildemand 92, 10 Andreas Jonsson 88, 11 Michael Jepsen Jensen 84, 12 Troy Batchelor 59, 13 Chris Harris 55, 14 Tomas H Jonasson 55, 15 Krzysztof Kasprzak 45.

  • The 2017 FIM Speedway Grand Prix calendar is complete with confirmation of October 28 as the date for the QBE Insurance Australian FIM Speedway Grand Prix.

    The SGP series returns to the awesome Etihad Stadium for a third straight season. This year’s finale there saw Aussie icon Chris Holder blow the roof off with an unforgettable victory, while American great Greg Hancock clinched his fourth world title.

    Another spectacular night of racing is in store next October as speedway’s biggest stars head Down Under for the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest indoor motorsport event.

    Australian heroes Holder and Jason Doyle will be determined to deliver big performances in front of a passionate home crowd.

    Tickets for the 2017 QBE Insurance Australian SGP will go on sale at 1pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on December 9.


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